About Rania J

Rania J Perfume House, was founded in 2012 by designer Rania JOUANEH, currently the company's president. Rania JOUANEH is an innovator and creator of modern and sophisticated fragrances. Rania’s passion for fragrances and perfumes originates from the Middle East and Africa, where she passed her childhood  surrounded by the aromas of the jasmine trees.


The aim of the brand is to bring the flavours of the Middle East to you. Rania J has created a range of products representing a sensual, gourmand, and very elegant universe, while embodying a French know-how. Through its collection, Rania J has the ambition to give you a modern vision of the Orient.


The raw materials, natural essences and essential oils, are selected and harvested directly from producers and distillers who continue to produce using traditional methods. Our expertise and dedication to quality production guarantees exceptional fragrances that result in the perfume reconnecting with its original function: to stimulate the senses, reconnect with nature, the earth and its aromatic treasures.


All of the creation and development processes of rania j perfumes are guided by humanitarian and environmental values that meet sustainable development criteria. This principal is evidenced by our choice of raw materials, bottles, reduced packaging, recyclable materials. Rania J does not engage in animal testing.